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ZP80-10 Large Anticorrosive Tablet Press

The 200g TCCA tablet press specializes in the production of 200-350g TCCA tablets. The anticorrosive tablet press can produce 6000 tablets per hour. The operation is stable and the production capacity is high. The maximum tablet diameter can reach 80mm. It can produce 100g-350g trichloro tablets.

  • Brand: SUNYU

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ZP80-10 large-scale anticorrosive tablet press is a rotary tablet press used for continuous production, also known as a chemical powder tablet press. ZP80-10 large-scale anticorrosive tablet press is mainly used to compress large-caliber disinfectant tablets such as chlorine, bromine, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid, and chlorine dioxide. By changing the mold, the ZP80-10 large-scale anticorrosive chemical powder tablet press can also press annular, spherical and irregularly shaped tablets as well as tablets with characters, logos and graphics.

Features of ZP80-10 Large Anticorrosive Tablet Press

1. The mechanical drive part of the ZP80-10 large-scale anticorrosive tablet press is separated from the tablet press chamber to prevent contamination of the material during compression.

2. The tablet press room is completely wrapped with plexiglass. The operator can clearly see the tablet pressing process. Plexiglass can prevent dust pollution during tablet pressing.

3. The ZP80-10 large-scale anticorrosive tablet press adopts a 4-pillar structure, which is more reasonable in design than the earlier model 3-pillar, and runs more smoothly, suitable for the rapid production of 200G tablets.

4. The main motor is controlled by the inverter. The rotation speed can be adjusted in the range (0-10 circle) according to the actual production.

5. ZP80-10 large-scale anticorrosive tablet press is equipped with release agent spray device. Suitable for pressing sticky or difficult-to-release materials.

Technical standard of ZPS80-10A chemical powder tablet press:

Maximum working pressure : 1000KN

Maximum diameter of tablet: φ80mm

Maximum thickness of the tablet: 30mm

Maximum filling depth: 66mm

Die: 10 sets

Maximum production capacity: 6000pcs/h

Speed: 0~10 r/min

Outer diameter of middle mold: φ80mm

Middle mold height: 60mm

Diameter of upper and lower punch: φ80mm

Motor power: 30kw

Power supply: 380V / 50 Hz (can be customized)

Machine weight: 6600kg

Machine dimensions: 1750 * 1300 * 2250mm (not including hopper)

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