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Electroplating Sludge Hollow Blade Dryer

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Overview of Electroplating Sludge Hollow Blade Dryer:

    The electroplating sludge hollow paddle dryer is equipped with a stirring paddle inside the equipment so that the electroplating sludge is in full contact with the heat carrier and the hot surface under the stirring of the paddle, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

The structure is generally horizontal, two-axis or four-axis.

Working principle of electroplating sludge hollow blade dryer:

    Electroplating sludge hollow blade dryers are divided into hot air type and conduction type. The hot air type means that the heat carrier (such as hot air) is in contact with the dried electroplating sludge and dried. In the conductive type, the heat carrier does not directly contact the dried electroplating sludge, but the hot surface and the material contact each other . The advantage of the conductive type is that the material is not easily polluted, the exhaust volume is small, the thermal efficiency is high, and the volume is relatively small, which is beneficial to save energy and prevent air pollution.

Application range of electroplating sludge hollow blade dryer:

    Widely used in activated sludge, sewage sludge, petrochemical sludge, paper sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, tannery sludge, electroplating sludge, municipal sewage plant sludge, oil field sludge, chemical plant organic sludge, electric porcelain sludge Sludge, sedimentary sludge in river ponds, construction piling sludge, steelmaking sludge, industrial metal pickling sludge, coal washing plant clean coal sludge, washed kaolin sludge, ceramics, marble polishing sludge, electronic plant circuit board sludge , Food factory activated sludge, mine beneficiation tailings, paper-making tailings/tails, leather/fur sludge, Chinese herbal medicine extraction tailings, biological fermentation bacteria and other high-humidity materials materials drying.

Equipment characteristics of electroplating sludge hollow blade dryer:

 1. Low energy consumption: due to indirect heating, there is no large amount of air to take away the heat, and the outer wall of the dryer is equipped with an insulation layer. For slurry materials, only 1.2kg of water vapor is needed to evaporate 1kg of water.

 2. The system cost is low: there is a huge heat transfer surface in the unit effective volume, which shortens the processing time. The smaller the equipment size, the building area and building space are greatly reduced.

 3. A wide range of processing materials: using different heat media, it can process heat-sensitive materials and materials that require high-temperature processing. Commonly used media are: steam, heat transfer oil, hot water, cooling water, etc. It can be operated continuously or intermittently, and can be used in many fields.

 4. Small environmental pollution: no air is used, and dust materials are rarely entrained. The solvent evaporation of the material is very small, which is easy to handle. For contaminated materials or working conditions that require solvent recovery, a closed loop can be used.

 5. Low operating cost: The equipment is easy to operate. Low speed mixing and reasonable structure. The amount of wear is small and the maintenance cost is very low.

 6. Stable operation: Due to the special compression-expansion and stirring effect of the wedge-shaped blades, the material particles are fully in contact with the heat transfer surface. In the axial interval, the temperature, humidity, and mixing degree gradient of the material is small, thus ensuring Process stability.