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Rake vacuum dryer special for sludge

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The vacuum rake dryer device indirectly heats the sludge with a steam jacket and exhausts it under high vacuum. Therefore, it is especially suitable for materials that are not resistant to high temperatures and are easily oxidized at high temperatures or materials that are easy to produce powder during drying (such as various fuels, Sludge), as well as material drying operations where the steam or solvent removed during the drying process must be recovered. In the vacuum rake dryer, the moisture content or solvent content of the dried material is up to 90%, while the lowest is only 15%. The material to be dried is in the form of slurry, paste, granular, powder, or fibrous. The moisture content of these materials after drying generally reaches 0.1% or even 0.05%.

Equipment improvements:

There are many problems in the structure of conventional rake vacuum dryers. In general, neither the shaft nor the rake teeth have an internal heating structure. Although some use hollow shafts and hollow rake teeth, the unreasonable fluid flow channel structure design and low drying efficiency directly restrict the scale and large-scale equipment; secondly, the use of a simple packing seal structure will seriously affect the product quality. In response to these problems, through experimental research, our technicians have developed a new type of high-efficiency rake vacuum dryer for sludge with excellent structure and performance. The main content of the research and development of the new rake vacuum dryer includes the baffle jacket, the special runner type hot shaft and the new sealing structure.


● The following materials are dried in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

● Suitable for slurry, paste and powder materials.

● Heat sensitive materials requiring low temperature drying.

● Easily oxidized, explosive, strongly irritating, highly toxic materials.

● Materials requiring the recovery of organic solvents.

The new sludge special high-efficiency rake vacuum dryer shows:

sludge blade drying equipment

The hollow shaft of the aluminum hydroxide special hollow blade dryer is densely arranged with wedge-shaped hollow blades. The heat medium flows through the blades through the hollow shaft. The heat transfer area in the unit effective volume is large, and the temperature of the heating medium ranges from -40°C to 320°C. It can be steam or liquid: such as hot water, heat transfer oil, etc. Indirect conduction heating, no air is carried to take away the heat, and the heat is used to heat the material. The heat loss is only the heat dissipation to the environment through the insulation layer of the body. The wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function.