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  • Electroplating Sludge Hollow Blade Dryer

    The electroplating sludge hollow paddle dryer is equipped with a stirring paddle inside the equipment so that the electroplating sludge is in full contact with the heat carrier and the hot surface under the stirring of the paddle, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

    2020/12/22 Electroplating Sludge Hollow Blade Dryer 253152

  • Working Principle of Hollow Paddle Dryer for Aluminum Hydroxide

    Aluminum hydroxide is the largest and most widely used inorganic flame retardant additive. As a flame retardant, aluminum hydroxide is not only flame retardant, but also prevents smoke, drips, and toxic gases. Therefore, it has been widely used and its usage is increasing year by year. Scope of application: thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, synthetic rubber, coatings and building materials industries.

    2020/12/22 Hollow Paddle Dryer for Aluminum Hydroxide 354365

  • Rake vacuum dryer special for sludge

    The vacuum rake dryer device indirectly heats the sludge with a steam jacket and exhausts it under high vacuum.

    2020/12/22 vacuum rake dryer 555557

  • The characteristics of the paddle dryer are suitable for the drying treatment of urban sludge

    The equipment provides a complete set of assembly line devices, including: sludge conveyor, hollow blade dryer, heat pump dehumidifier, discharge conveyor, etc., to meet the user's automatic production, clean environment, no waste gas emission pollution, waste heat recovery, and large processing volume Requirements.

    2020/12/18 paddle dryer 6453676

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