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Municipal sludge drying treatment

2020-12-28 14:03:35 15648

sludge blade drying equipment

The new sludge blade dryer is aimed at the disadvantages of traditional sludge dryers such as large energy consumption, serious air pollution, and large investment in waste gas treatment environmental protection equipment. After years of research and development, our company has successfully developed an energy-saving heat pump blade dryer. The equipment is provided as a complete set Assembly line devices, including: sludge conveyor, hollow blade dryer, heat pump dehumidifier, discharge conveyor, etc. to meet the user's fully automatic production. Clean environment, no exhaust gas pollution, waste heat recovery, large processing volume, system stability High. It can be effectively connected to other systems such as heat transfer oil, solar energy, boilers, steam, etc. It is a new energy-saving device for sludge drying.

sludge blade drying equipment

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